Ch. 13

Do you find what you’re looking for?

No matter what your website is promoting, you need a site that is easy to navigate. A site that it too cluttered or is unreadable will loose potential clients.

The NFL’s main website is clear and straight to the point. Above the fold, all of the important content is laid out for users to easily navigate. In previous posts, I have explained all of the key elements it takes to create a successful website. In a previous reading, Bop Design lays out the basic principles for a easy to use site.

Along with having an easy to read control tab, the main news articles are also above the fold. The latest news from the  sports industry stream on the site the moment they are published. Fans get notifications on certain stories if the articles pertains to their team. For example, today I had a notification about an article titled Roster Reset: Can any team catch the Patriots? Since I am an active Pats fan constantly reading up on my team, the NFL site has captured my interest since my team is always the headline. This is a great way to attract fans to the main site because it interests all fans.

With having a clean, attractive, and easily navigable site, companies and do no wrong. Fans want to see the headlining stories, not some BS fluff stories such as celebrity stories. The NFL is a fantastic example of dedicating their site to what their audience is looking for!


Ch. 12

Welcome to the mobile world

With new technology and services coming out everyday, the NFL has to be at the top of their game. Even though the NFL is the sole industry for professional football, the producers have to showcase that this is the sport that everyone wants to be apart of.

According to an AdAge article, NFL Tries to Capitalize on Rabid Fans Who See TV as the ‘Second Screen’, “For hardcore NFL fans, especially those who play fantasy football, TV has become the “second screen.” In a highly advance world, TV is something we take advantage of. Fans become less interested if their favorite team is off that Sunday, and search for something else.

The NFL has invented an app for fans to follow live streaming of the games, updates on their teams, and much more. This is an affective way to collect data for the pro league. Technology is changing daily, and with that industries have to find ways to reach their audiences.

Tom Brady — the NFL’s VP-content, not the New England Patriots quarterback — said that fantasy football players consume seven times more NFL-related media than fans who don’t play fantasy. Such fans bring their laptops and/or tablets to sports bars every fall Sunday so they can meticulously track fantasy stats over hot wings. (AdAge)

In today’s society, fans hardly sit down and watch a game without a smartphone or tablet. We are constantly multitasking during commercials and even the game. With this new app, fans can stay in touch with their teams during commercials and half time. It’s like a fantasy football player’s dream!

Ch. 11

Who reads when you can watch a video?

On a normal day for a media user, our day involves scrolling through hundreds to thousands of stories a day. We blindly scroll until something catches our eye and grabs our attention. Video content has become the new thing of social media and the new way to disperse news to all of their followers and potential followers. Like the rest of the world, the NFL is following the trend of video content. Videos range from game and player highlights, news stories, and the ultimate fantasy football.

How the Patriots are tackling videos

Like all other sports teams, the Patriots use video content to promote game days. Using motivational videos that incorporate pump up music and other motivational tactics, such as their hashtag #LetsGo, fans instantly know what day it is by the consistent game day clips.

Recently, the Patriots released a panoramic video linkage to view a day in the life of  a Pats player. According to the article about unique strategies for using social media in sports marketing, this  is a great way for fans to get to know the athletes. “Putting your players front-and-center on social media can help fans connect to their favorite team members and set the stage for exciting, shareable content, which can help enhance your brand’s profile without significant monetary or time investment.” (Clapp)

Unique Strategies For Using Social Media in Sports Marketing

Fans, such as myself, feel much more valued when we feel close to the athlete in their everyday sports life. We feel that our team is our community and to be apart of the community, we want to see our boys on and off the field. This video on a computer setting and is designed a bit differently then their mobile video. Within the mobile video, fans can click on the video and become apart of the action by tilting and turning their phones any direction to see the action. Think about it, watching every aspect of a Brady play! Who wouldn’t want to watch that? Great way to generate content through the fan base.;_ylt=AwrBT7VxcudWpZMAOIpXNyoA;_ylc=X1MDMjc2NjY3OQRfcgMyBGZyA21jYWZlZQRncHJpZAN2TDl0ZV80alJQbWtvUVBfMlczQ0tBBG5fcnNsdAMwBG5fc3VnZwM5BG9yaWdpbgNzZWFyY2gueWFob28uY29tBHBvcwMxBHBxc3RyA3BhdHJpb3RzIDM2MCBkZWdyZWUgBHBxc3RybAMyMARxc3RybAMyNQRxdWVyeQNwYXRyaW90cyAzNjAgZGVncmVlIHZpZGVvBHRfc3RtcAMxNDU4MDM0NDI1?p=patriots+360+degree+video&fr2=sa-gp-search&fr=mcafee&type=C011US885D20150204


Infographics in the NFL

When scrolling through our usual Facebook and Twitter feeds, we hardly take the time to read over every post from the past day in our news feed. As usual social media users, we only seek out information that grabs our attention such as videos and photographs.

Why infographics?

It’s simple: they are easy to understand, grab your attention, and they are sharable.

 In 2013, Adweek created a post taking a closer look at NFL players and their Twitter accounts. The article examines the accounts of major football starts and if the amount of followers they have contribute to how much they get paid.

Even though there is no hard evidence that points to the fact that the number of followers determines the athlete’s pay role, it does point out some interesting facts. The info chart shows the top followed football star in the league and also the least.

For a fan, this infographic chart is pretty cool to read over. A fan can scan over this to read where their favorite athlete or team stands on Twitter. When usually see infographics being used for more factual information regarding retainable information such as statistics. More infographic icons could benefit the NFL when trying to reach their fan base. One thing that they could incorporate is an infographic update after every game. This would help fans quickly check up on the game stats that they possibly missed.

Ch. 8

As a fan, I don’t want to be just another number

Social media is now becoming apart of our every day life and there is no stopping it. In terms of football, it is like tight end Rob Gronkowski barreling down the sideline towards the end zone. After reading an article on Social Media Today, the New England Patriots are dominating social platforms in terms of activeness and engagement. These two aspects are obviously important for an organization because this keeps fans and stakeholders engaged in everyday activity to the team.

Why the Pats are the best on the field and off:

Most engaging NFL social media accounts

According to the statistics provided by Social Media Today, we see that the Patriots are soring over the competition in terms of engagement. It is said that the New England area is one of the most connected communities and fan bases out there. Fans stand strong with their team through thick and thin. When fans visit The Pats social media accounts, this may be the only interaction they can get, rather then the actual game. Fans can keep a close eye on their favorite player when kick off begins.

Pats Nation

Most talked about NFL teams

Here, the Patriots prove to be the number one talked about team week to week. Again, we keeping the millions of fans happy, is key to having high user engagement.

This team is a great example of how an organization should be run and how it can grow. If your company stays up to date on common social media platforms, this will create a high usage of user engagement. Soon this will lead to the organization becoming a hot topic soring across platforms!

Ch. 7


This week’s topic is social media, something we are all aware of. As a younger generation, we view social media as a necessity! There are people out there who cannot live without social media as an everyday go to. Something that the Patriots do well as an organization is keep up with their social media accounts.

What they do:

While maintaining their numerous accounts on social media, the Patriots have a daily post that is sent out on a constant timer. They do a weekly contest called “Lil’ Pats Fan of the Week.” This is a contest of the best baby Patriots fan photo. Fans can upload photos to the Patriot’s social media accounts to hopefully be voted number one! The winner’s photo is upload to all of the Patriot’s account and given a special shout out.

Another social media trend that the Patriots do is post hyperlinks to articles that are either about the games, fans, or charity events that the players contribute to. Players share photos when they visit kids in the hospital just to brighten their day.

Recently one of the Patriots star players, Rob Gronkowski, did a promotional commercial with Nike and the video was shared through the Patriots social media accounts. The video was shared and viewed thousands of times through different platforms before the TV commercial was even released. This show the power that social media has on people.

Something that the Patriots do well during games is post to social media the stats and scores along with a game shot. If a fan is not watching the game on TV, they can check on to Facebook or another account to see the update score and pictures on what is happening throughout the game. The team also does a video on the morning of game day promoting their hashtag #LetsGo.

What not to do:

Something that organizations should not do is become a ghost town. What this means is that their social media presence is a no show. To keep your audience engaged, companies have to walk a fine line between being present and being annoying. Fans what to be in the loop when it comes to the team and game time, but they don’t want to be bombarded with extensive information.



Ch. 6

When scrolling through the New England Patriots website and social media accounts, you can tell that there is a great deal of digital strategy. From comparing their website to their social media accounts, the Pats do a great job of overseeing all of their accounts to maintain a common ground with their fans and viewers.

Comparing most of the NFL teams websites and social media, their very similar when it comes to structure of their sites. The NFL probably decided to make of the teams sites the same to control content, stories, and the latest news in football.

So, how does the NFL keep viewers returning to their sites when they could just go to their social media accounts to see the latest stories? One thing that I see the Patriots do is create “premium content” such as advertise viewing a live football game from ABC live stream for 30 minutes by providing an email. Viewers can enter their email to watch the game from wherever they are just by entering an email. After the time limit is up, the site informs viewers that they can continue watching the game and others for an easy monthly cost. Here, they use and incentive to grab the audience’s attention and keep them wanting more!

According to the reading, one of the most important thing to an organization online is good content. For the NFL this means to keep up with the latest topics flowing through the sports world. For example, the latest topic buzzing around is the word that New England Patriots player Jerod Mayo is hanging up his jersey for the last time. As a Patriots fan, this is a big deal because we will miss a beloved  linebacker, but as a football fan people are happy to see a talented player move on. The right content is important to its specific audience. With the right strategies and content, a company can conquer the digital world.


Ch. 4

It’s almost that time again… Super Bowl Sunday is approaching and there is no stopping it. For me, I look forward to watching the game, but to others, they are looking forward to epic and most talked about commercials. For the people who do sit and watch the most highly paid ads fly across the TV screen, we search for the best and only the best.

For the 2016 Super Bowl crown, we picture the most popular brands to come in as our top runner; Doritos and Budweiser. These two vastly different companies and strategies always have the crowd sitting on the edge of their seat waiting in anticipation for those ads to appear on screen. This season, Budweiser, has launched there first ad early to get viewers interested in what is coming next.

This ad features the famous British actress, Helen Mirren, who politely insults the viewer if they are drinking before driving. This ad has two great things: it exemplifies humor to draw viewers in, and it also sends an important message of not to drink and drive. It is refreshing to see that Budweiser has a good conscience when creating their ads.

After viewing the commercial, viewers can immediately go to Budweiser’s landing page to catch up on the most talked about commercial and what else is to come. When you arrive to the home page, you find all of the most recent Budweiser commercials above the front fold, which is a very smart move. This will intrigue viewers to continue on the site and thereby allowing Budweiser to track what viewers like to see on their site.

With this campaign already becoming viral, Budweiser  added a hashtag to promote social media engagement: #GIVEADAMN. This is a great hashtag to add to this campaign because it supports the no drinking and driving message to show why you should care about the consequences. Although, I did discover a problem with this particular promotion, they hashtag has been used before for a popular cancer patient on Instagram. This could become a problem for Budweiser is they are not careful.




The Super Bowl for some people may be the most exciting Sunday they will ever experience for life, but for the others who don’t care who wins or looses they’re only in it for the commercials.

What if I don’t have cable?

NBC has teamed up with Tumblr to create a profile for fans to live stream the commercials from the most watched sports game of the year. Rick Cordella, senior VP and general manager-digital media, NBC Sports Group, said in a statement, “Tumblr is a visually-rich, social-friendly platform that is perfect to showcase the Super Bowl TV ads. We are optimistic this experience will be the first step in creating a more robust NBC Sports destination on Tumblr.” Viewers who do not have access to satellite or cable can stream live with this up-to-date platform and still enjoy the most talked about commercials live or from past time.

As a football fan I love watching the game, but I also love watching the commercials just as much! Being involved with the media is an exciting part of living in the moment of the most talked about game of the year.

Why is it important that NBC partnered with Tumblr?

Tumblr is a highly used multi-media platform that connect tons of people across the world. The importance of live streaming during the game is to help promote brands and organizations! This is a way to drive viewers in from watching the game,to channel in on the live action  that is happening online. Not only will this promote NBC and all the commercials, but it will also give Tumblr a new name! They will be known for partnering up with a powerful and monumental show stopper that can keep up with live streaming tv commercials.






Rounding out the end of January NFL fans are shivering on the edge of their seats. Not only are they trembling from the cold, but they are shaking in their seats for the one the they have been waiting for; the lead up to Super Bowl 50. Since I am a New England Patriots fan, I have a lot to look forward to this weekend coming into the AFC championship against the Denver Broncos.

So as a frequent football follower how am I preparing for this countdown game? As a fan I stay tuned into the NFL’s social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram. Recently, I read an article on on how most fans have turned to the team’s social media accounts for frequent team updates. According to the article, the media teams are now able to see the fans likes and dislikes much quicker. This is good for us fans because we feel that we are not only being supplied with reliable information about our favorite team, but also that we are being acknowledged by the multi-billion dollar industry.

The article has also stated that The Pats have partnered with a new mobile app that sends fans the latest information on everything that goes down in Gillette. Here, this increases user engagement within the app and makes the user feel included in the Pats nation. With creating such a user friendly environment, the Patriots take advantage of the fact that their fans get the most updates stories out there. The most important thing to a fan is to be constantly involved with their team. We want to know who is on the injured list, who has been trash talking our QB on ESPN, and what the stats are going into our next battle. As far as it goes for content, the Pats have this one in the bag. Now as sit back with my Gronk jersey on and my lucky Pats hat, I can enjoy the live streaming content coming from a reliable and news worthy app that makes me, a user and a fan, feel totally prepared for our AFC battle.