Rounding out the end of January NFL fans are shivering on the edge of their seats. Not only are they trembling from the cold, but they are shaking in their seats for the one the they have been waiting for; the lead up to Super Bowl 50. Since I am a New England Patriots fan, I have a lot to look forward to this weekend coming into the AFC championship against the Denver Broncos.

So as a frequent football follower how am I preparing for this countdown game? As a fan I stay tuned into the NFL’s social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram. Recently, I read an article on on how most fans have turned to the team’s social media accounts for frequent team updates. According to the article, the media teams are now able to see the fans likes and dislikes much quicker. This is good for us fans because we feel that we are not only being supplied with reliable information about our favorite team, but also that we are being acknowledged by the multi-billion dollar industry.

The article has also stated that The Pats have partnered with a new mobile app that sends fans the latest information on everything that goes down in Gillette. Here, this increases user engagement within the app and makes the user feel included in the Pats nation. With creating such a user friendly environment, the Patriots take advantage of the fact that their fans get the most updates stories out there. The most important thing to a fan is to be constantly involved with their team. We want to know who is on the injured list, who has been trash talking our QB on ESPN, and what the stats are going into our next battle. As far as it goes for content, the Pats have this one in the bag. Now as sit back with my Gronk jersey on and my lucky Pats hat, I can enjoy the live streaming content coming from a reliable and news worthy app that makes me, a user and a fan, feel totally prepared for our AFC battle.