The Super Bowl for some people may be the most exciting Sunday they will ever experience for life, but for the others who don’t care who wins or looses they’re only in it for the commercials.

What if I don’t have cable?

NBC has teamed up with Tumblr to create a profile for fans to live stream the commercials from the most watched sports game of the year. Rick Cordella, senior VP and general manager-digital media, NBC Sports Group, said in a statement, “Tumblr is a visually-rich, social-friendly platform that is perfect to showcase the Super Bowl TV ads. We are optimistic this experience will be the first step in creating a more robust NBC Sports destination on Tumblr.” Viewers who do not have access to satellite or cable can stream live with this up-to-date platform and still enjoy the most talked about commercials live or from past time.

As a football fan I love watching the game, but I also love watching the commercials just as much! Being involved with the media is an exciting part of living in the moment of the most talked about game of the year.

Why is it important that NBC partnered with Tumblr?

Tumblr is a highly used multi-media platform that connect tons of people across the world. The importance of live streaming during the game is to help promote brands and organizations! This is a way to drive viewers in from watching the game,to channel in on the live action  that is happening online. Not only will this promote NBC and all the commercials, but it will also give Tumblr a new name! They will be known for partnering up with a powerful and monumental show stopper that can keep up with live streaming tv commercials.