It’s almost that time again… Super Bowl Sunday is approaching and there is no stopping it. For me, I look forward to watching the game, but to others, they are looking forward to epic and most talked about commercials. For the people who do sit and watch the most highly paid ads fly across the TV screen, we search for the best and only the best.

For the 2016 Super Bowl crown, we picture the most popular brands to come in as our top runner; Doritos and Budweiser. These two vastly different companies and strategies always have the crowd sitting on the edge of their seat waiting in anticipation for those ads to appear on screen. This season, Budweiser, has launched there first ad early to get viewers interested in what is coming next.

This ad features the famous British actress, Helen Mirren, who politely insults the viewer if they are drinking before driving. This ad has two great things: it exemplifies humor to draw viewers in, and it also sends an important message of not to drink and drive. It is refreshing to see that Budweiser has a good conscience when creating their ads.

After viewing the commercial, viewers can immediately go to Budweiser’s landing page to catch up on the most talked about commercial and what else is to come. When you arrive to the home page, you find all of the most recent Budweiser commercials above the front fold, which is a very smart move. This will intrigue viewers to continue on the site and thereby allowing Budweiser to track what viewers like to see on their site.

With this campaign already becoming viral, Budweiser  added a hashtag to promote social media engagement: #GIVEADAMN. This is a great hashtag to add to this campaign because it supports the no drinking and driving message to show why you should care about the consequences. Although, I did discover a problem with this particular promotion, they hashtag has been used before for a popular cancer patient on Instagram. This could become a problem for Budweiser is they are not careful.