When scrolling through the New England Patriots website and social media accounts, you can tell that there is a great deal of digital strategy. From comparing their website to their social media accounts, the Pats do a great job of overseeing all of their accounts to maintain a common ground with their fans and viewers.

Comparing most of the NFL teams websites and social media, their very similar when it comes to structure of their sites. The NFL probably decided to make of the teams sites the same to control content, stories, and the latest news in football.

So, how does the NFL keep viewers returning to their sites when they could just go to their social media accounts to see the latest stories? One thing that I see the Patriots do is create “premium content” such as advertise viewing a live football game from ABC live stream for 30 minutes by providing an email. Viewers can enter their email to watch the game from wherever they are just by entering an email. After the time limit is up, the site informs viewers that they can continue watching the game and others for an easy monthly cost. Here, they use and incentive to grab the audience’s attention and keep them wanting more!

According to the reading, one of the most important thing to an organization online is good content. For the NFL this means to keep up with the latest topics flowing through the sports world. For example, the latest topic buzzing around is the word that New England Patriots player Jerod Mayo is hanging up his jersey for the last time. As a Patriots fan, this is a big deal because we will miss a beloved  linebacker, but as a football fan people are happy to see a talented player move on. The right content is important to its specific audience. With the right strategies and content, a company can conquer the digital world.