This week’s topic is social media, something we are all aware of. As a younger generation, we view social media as a necessity! There are people out there who cannot live without social media as an everyday go to. Something that the Patriots do well as an organization is keep up with their social media accounts.

What they do:

While maintaining their numerous accounts on social media, the Patriots have a daily post that is sent out on a constant timer. They do a weekly contest called “Lil’ Pats Fan of the Week.” This is a contest of the best baby Patriots fan photo. Fans can upload photos to the Patriot’s social media accounts to hopefully be voted number one! The winner’s photo is upload to all of the Patriot’s account and given a special shout out.

Another social media trend that the Patriots do is post hyperlinks to articles that are either about the games, fans, or charity events that the players contribute to. Players share photos when they visit kids in the hospital just to brighten their day.

Recently one of the Patriots star players, Rob Gronkowski, did a promotional commercial with Nike and the video was shared through the Patriots social media accounts. The video was shared and viewed thousands of times through different platforms before the TV commercial was even released. This show the power that social media has on people.

Something that the Patriots do well during games is post to social media the stats and scores along with a game shot. If a fan is not watching the game on TV, they can check on to Facebook or another account to see the update score and pictures on what is happening throughout the game. The team also does a video on the morning of game day promoting their hashtag #LetsGo.

What not to do:

Something that organizations should not do is become a ghost town. What this means is that their social media presence is a no show. To keep your audience engaged, companies have to walk a fine line between being present and being annoying. Fans what to be in the loop when it comes to the team and game time, but they don’t want to be bombarded with extensive information.