As a fan, I don’t want to be just another number

Social media is now becoming apart of our every day life and there is no stopping it. In terms of football, it is like tight end Rob Gronkowski barreling down the sideline towards the end zone. After reading an article on Social Media Today, the New England Patriots are dominating social platforms in terms of activeness and engagement. These two aspects are obviously important for an organization because this keeps fans and stakeholders engaged in everyday activity to the team.

Why the Pats are the best on the field and off:

Most engaging NFL social media accounts

According to the statistics provided by Social Media Today, we see that the Patriots are soring over the competition in terms of engagement. It is said that the New England area is one of the most connected communities and fan bases out there. Fans stand strong with their team through thick and thin. When fans visit The Pats social media accounts, this may be the only interaction they can get, rather then the actual game. Fans can keep a close eye on their favorite player when kick off begins.

Pats Nation

Most talked about NFL teams

Here, the Patriots prove to be the number one talked about team week to week. Again, we keeping the millions of fans happy, is key to having high user engagement.

This team is a great example of how an organization should be run and how it can grow. If your company stays up to date on common social media platforms, this will create a high usage of user engagement. Soon this will lead to the organization becoming a hot topic soring across platforms!