Infographics in the NFL

When scrolling through our usual Facebook and Twitter feeds, we hardly take the time to read over every post from the past day in our news feed. As usual social media users, we only seek out information that grabs our attention such as videos and photographs.

Why infographics?

It’s simple: they are easy to understand, grab your attention, and they are sharable.

 In 2013, Adweek created a post taking a closer look at NFL players and their Twitter accounts. The article examines the accounts of major football starts and if the amount of followers they have contribute to how much they get paid.

Even though there is no hard evidence that points to the fact that the number of followers determines the athlete’s pay role, it does point out some interesting facts. The info chart shows the top followed football star in the league and also the least.

For a fan, this infographic chart is pretty cool to read over. A fan can scan over this to read where their favorite athlete or team stands on Twitter. When usually see infographics being used for more factual information regarding retainable information such as statistics. More infographic icons could benefit the NFL when trying to reach their fan base. One thing that they could incorporate is an infographic update after every game. This would help fans quickly check up on the game stats that they possibly missed.