Who reads when you can watch a video?

On a normal day for a media user, our day involves scrolling through hundreds to thousands of stories a day. We blindly scroll until something catches our eye and grabs our attention. Video content has become the new thing of social media and the new way to disperse news to all of their followers and potential followers. Like the rest of the world, the NFL is following the trend of video content. Videos range from game and player highlights, news stories, and the ultimate fantasy football.

How the Patriots are tackling videos

Like all other sports teams, the Patriots use video content to promote game days. Using motivational videos that incorporate pump up music and other motivational tactics, such as their hashtag #LetsGo, fans instantly know what day it is by the consistent game day clips.

Recently, the Patriots released a panoramic video linkage to view a day in the life of  a Pats player. According to the article about unique strategies for using social media in sports marketing, this  is a great way for fans to get to know the athletes. “Putting your players front-and-center on social media can help fans connect to their favorite team members and set the stage for exciting, shareable content, which can help enhance your brand’s profile without significant monetary or time investment.” (Clapp)

Unique Strategies For Using Social Media in Sports Marketing

Fans, such as myself, feel much more valued when we feel close to the athlete in their everyday sports life. We feel that our team is our community and to be apart of the community, we want to see our boys on and off the field. This video on a computer setting and is designed a bit differently then their mobile video. Within the mobile video, fans can click on the video and become apart of the action by tilting and turning their phones any direction to see the action. Think about it, watching every aspect of a Brady play! Who wouldn’t want to watch that? Great way to generate content through the fan base.