Welcome to the mobile world

With new technology and services coming out everyday, the NFL has to be at the top of their game. Even though the NFL is the sole industry for professional football, the producers have to showcase that this is the sport that everyone wants to be apart of.

According to an AdAge article, NFL Tries to Capitalize on Rabid Fans Who See TV as the ‘Second Screen’, “For hardcore NFL fans, especially those who play fantasy football, TV has become the “second screen.” In a highly advance world, TV is something we take advantage of. Fans become less interested if their favorite team is off that Sunday, and search for something else.

The NFL has invented an app for fans to follow live streaming of the games, updates on their teams, and much more. This is an affective way to collect data for the pro league. Technology is changing daily, and with that industries have to find ways to reach their audiences.

Tom Brady — the NFL’s VP-content, not the New England Patriots quarterback — said that fantasy football players consume seven times more NFL-related media than fans who don’t play fantasy. Such fans bring their laptops and/or tablets to sports bars every fall Sunday so they can meticulously track fantasy stats over hot wings. (AdAge)

In today’s society, fans hardly sit down and watch a game without a smartphone or tablet. We are constantly multitasking during commercials and even the game. With this new app, fans can stay in touch with their teams during commercials and half time. It’s like a fantasy football player’s dream!