Do you find what you’re looking for?

No matter what your website is promoting, you need a site that is easy to navigate. A site that it too cluttered or is unreadable will loose potential clients.

The NFL’s main website is clear and straight to the point. Above the fold, all of the important content is laid out for users to easily navigate. In previous posts, I have explained all of the key elements it takes to create a successful website. In a previous reading, Bop Design lays out the basic principles for a easy to use site.

Along with having an easy to read control tab, the main news articles are also above the fold. The latest news from the  sports industry stream on the site the moment they are published. Fans get notifications on certain stories if the articles pertains to their team. For example, today I had a notification about an article titled Roster Reset: Can any team catch the Patriots? Since I am an active Pats fan constantly reading up on my team, the NFL site has captured my interest since my team is always the headline. This is a great way to attract fans to the main site because it interests all fans.

With having a clean, attractive, and easily navigable site, companies and do no wrong. Fans want to see the headlining stories, not some BS fluff stories such as celebrity stories. The NFL is a fantastic example of dedicating their site to what their audience is looking for!