Ch. 1

After reviewing the first chapter in Digital Minds, it appears that these elements are key factors in the growing world of digital media: Content, digital, mobile and social. As a user of digital media, I can agree to all four of these key factors. I believe that each element holds a strong part in the world of media because without one, the others wouldn’t survive.

Beginning with the topic of content, this to me is one of the stronger elements to have within your digital market. We, as viewers, go to a sight or link depending on the most reliable content that is posted. Whenever there is a trending topic on Facebook, I always click on a link that provides me with clear/descriptive information and also if the source is reliable. These two things are what viewers value most when navigating the digital news world.

Moving on to digital and mobile, these elements are also very crucial in the digital world. For new generations growing up in the this day in time, the world is a digital battlefield. Anything and everything can be accessed over a phone in a matter of seconds. If companies and organizations don’t see that, then they are missing out on a huge retail opportunity. For some businesses, they would prefer to stay “off the grid,” but what does that mean in terms of out sourcing new clientele? If you don’t put out enough resources for your potential clients, how are they going to know they exist?

In this world we live in today, digital media has to have these four components. If a business is lacking on of these branches, then they are missing out on a vast amount of opportunities that digital media can bring them. If one ingredient is missing from this important recipe, then the entire platter will be plane and distasteful.

This info-graph can be viewed true or somewhat true. Some marketers believe content can make you or it can break you. It all depends on how you view it, but content will only make you stronger if you use it in a good way or it can break you. This is a great article to read over to help support content importance!